Sea of Thieves Season 5 starts on 2nd December – Bury treasure, shoot fireworks, sleep & much more

Season 5 of Sea of Thieves is set to release on 2nd December, and there’s plenty cause for the swarthiest of gamers to celebrate its arrival. Amongst the headline features are the ability to bury treasure and create your own quests, shoot fireworks from your cannons, have a nap, and attack other ships with a new cannon rowboat!

Take any treasure item and you can bury it on an island with a little bit of shovelling. Having done this, you’ll then have a custom treasure map which you can either keep for yourself (perhaps you were being hunted by another crew of rapscallions?), or take and post on a Quest Board. There’s only upsides to doing this, because if another crew picks up your quest and completes it, then you still earn the reputation that you would have from handing it in yourself, and a bunch of renown. Lovely!

There’s a lot more to this update though, with a bunch of new features, seasonal ideas, and quality of life improvements.

  • Shoot fireworks and flares from your ship – buy themed firework crates from the Merchant Alliance, while flares can light up dark islands or signal your teammates.
  • You can now sit on chairs, gangplanks, on chairs, jetties and more.
  • Have a nap in the bed in the captain’s quarters. This will slowly recover your health as well!
  • Use the speaking trumpet in reverse to direct your audio at another player for some sneakier scheming.
  • Cannon rowboats have a single cannon on the front. Use it for added firepower while docked to your ship, or get a multi-pronged attack on an unsuspecting rival.
  • There’s three new shanties to play: Ballad of the Mer, Row Row Row Your Boat and Infernal Gallop.
  • Players can roll dice with a D4, D6, D8, D12 and D20 to choose from – you could literally run a tabletop RPG within Sea of Thieves.
  • Gun-toting enemies will drop ammo pouches when they die.
  • You’ll see rats running around your ship, which could signal that your ship is flooding.
  • There’s new markers on Meg and Kraken loot to help you spot them on the waves.
  • Transfer all items between barrels and storage crates with one held button press – FINALLY!
  • Your pirate’s mouth will now move in sync with your in-game voice communications.

Since you’ll want to show off your piratical escapades to others, there’s also a bunch of new stuff to unlock or buy:

  • There’s another 100 levels of rewards to unlock through Season 5.
  • There’s some christmassy cosmetics to unlock
  • Earn the Ancient Gold sails and flag for your ship.
  • There’s new Emissary rewards to earn.
  • Complete the commendations for Season 5 and you’ll earn a very colourful party boat set of ship and clothing cosmetics
  • There’s a new Plunder Pass with premium cosmetics to earn.
  • There’s even more Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics to buy in the Pirate Emporium, themed after Captain Barbosa.

There’s more, but honestly Season 5 is really about all the new features that Rare have thrown at the game.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. The game is also a part of Xbox Game Pass.

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