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Although the concept of a gaming chair might have seemed silly a decade or so ago, now they have become practically an essential piece of any gamer’s setup. There are a variety of styles, designs, and companies that have entered the gaming chair space, but Secretlab has long been known for being one of the best in the business.

Since 2014, Secretlab has been creating gaming chairs that cater to a wide variety of needs and body types. Its Omega and Titan lines are the flagships of the company and are best suited for any gamer out there. But while a good gaming chair has a target audience in mind, the comfort afforded by Secretlab’s products extends far beyond just one need.

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Over the last month, Game Rant has been testing the 2020 series of the Secretlab Titan, which is the larger-sized gaming chair that the company offers. While the Omega is geared towards gamers under 6-feet tall, the Titan (and the Titan XL) favors those that are larger in stature.

Gaming chairs are one of those things that many don’t understand until they sit in one. At first glance, the chair can look bulk and downright absurd, but the comfort afforded by the Secretlab is enough to wash those concerns away. It’s also possible to get a Secretlab design that looks more like an elegant office chair, but the company also offers more ostentatious designs like a bright yellow chair themed after Cyberpunk 2077.


Whatever the design users choose, the Secretlab Titan is extremely comfortable and well-suited for extended gaming sessions. It hugs the contours of the body enough to give it the appropriate support, while cushioning the areas that prefer to relax. It comes with a high-quality artificial leather – Secretlab calls it Prime 2.0 PU Leather – that is durable but doesn’t feel in the slightest bit cheap.

Because of how expensive the chair is, some might be worried that the material could be easily scuffed but our model looks as pristine a month later as it did upon unboxing. The stitching also adds a nice accent to whatever design you choose. It’s a chair that few could look at and not see the value in, but it’s once you sit in the Secretlab Titan that its true worth becomes apparent.

The base of the chair is firm enough that it doesn’t feel like you are sinking into it, but there is some give as well. The average cushion on a couch or chair has a lot more give than what’s in the Secretlab Titan and as a result, the chair helps keep the best posture possible. At first, it may be a little shocking how firm the chair is, but it’s all in service of keeping the spine aligned.

The base of the chair is supported by a hydraulic and multi-tilt mechanism that feels sturdy but customizable. The hydraulics are fairly standard – the user can raise or lower the height of the chair by pressing a lever underneath the seat. But the multi-tilt allows for swiveling the chair back, rocking, or even propping one’s feet up on a desk. It’s very impressive how effortless the chair makes those actions seem, but never did it feel like the Titan was going to topple over or lose balance. Everything is sturdy enough. A second lever also allows for locking the tilt in place for those who might not want to put pressure onto an object to maintain a certain sitting angle.


The backrest of the Secretlab Titan has a lot more going on, with adjustable lumbar support and a removable headrest pillow. With the turn of a dial, users can determine how much or how little they want the lower portion of the backrest to firm up. While everyone aims for perfect posture when they are sitting in a chair, not all of us can achieve it. The lumbar adjustment allows the user to meet the curve of the back depending on how they really sit.

Part in parcel with lower back support, the Secretlab Titan supports the neck with its headrest pillow. The pillow comes with an elastic band so it can be positioned appropriately on the headrest of the chair, or even removed for those that might not want it. It’s a comfortable pillow that is mostly firm to keep the head and neck in position, but there is some give as well. There is also some cooling gel underneath the fabric to prevent the user’s neck from getting sweaty.

In addition to those finer adjustable components, the Secretlab Titan has a lever for setting the backrest recline angle. Whether users want a perfectly perpendicular backrest or they like a little recline to their sitting position, the Secretlab chair allows for that type of fine adjustment. In fact, the backrest can even recline so far back that users could prop up their legs and be practically laying flat.

Secretlab has also equipped the armrests on the Titan to move into a variety of positions. They can turn inwards/outwards, raise or lower, and slide forward or back. There are individual buttons for each of the three actions and making adjustments is incredibly easy. So, if a gamer wants to keep the armrest close to prop up their mouse arm, or perhaps they want to turn their elbows in while holding a controller, they won’t lose any of the necessary support.


From the material to the armrests, there is so much about the Secretlab Titan that is customizable and adjustable. It’s not the type of chair that users sit in and decide whether it works for them or not. There are so many settings on the chair that can be tweaked to make sure that the user is just as comfortable sitting for 10 minutes as they are sitting for 10 hours. And the adjustments are so easy to do that it doesn’t feel like the chair is locked into any one “setting.” Someone else could hop into the Secretlab Titan and find perfect comfort after fiddling with a few buttons, levers, and knobs.

Obviously the cost is going to be the biggest hurdle when it comes to the Secretlab Titan (or any gaming chair for that matter), but with how much gaming is going on right now, people are seeing the value of a quality chair. With gaming setups doubling as work-from-home setups, there is a higher need for comfort while sitting at a desk, monitor, or TV. And after spending a lot of time with the Secretlab Titan, it’s easy to recommend the chair to anybody.

The Secretlab 2020 Series Titan is available on the official site for $399.

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