Sega is set to release new games, remakes, and remasters over the years, reports suggest


The VGC reports that Sega has shared a presentation that shows the results for the company for the fiscal year ending with March 2022. With the presentation, Sega has revealed that it intends to “significant[ly] increase [the amount of] new titles,” which includes an increase in remakes and remasters.

This decision was decided due to the strong sales of Sega games on consoles and PC. Among the games that sold exceptionally well in the fiscal year that ended with March 2022 are Sonic Colours Ultimate, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, and Lost Judgment. Altogether those game games sold approximately 4 million copies. All those games are considered to be “remake / remaster, spin-off [or] change of theme” by Sega, which explains why the company would want to release more remakes in the following fiscal year.

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