Severed Steel is a Bullet Time-Heavy Voxel FPS With a Unique Protagonist

Greylock Studio’s Severed Steel made an appearance at the Future Games Show and we got to see more of it in action. The first person shooter is noteworthy for its voxel environments (which are destructible), bullet time and a protagonist named Steel who only has one arm. Check it out below.

“Style” is an important part of Severed Steel and the player will wall run, flip, slide and dive their way through foes (while also shooting them). Like Superhot, you have to acquire new weapons when the current one is spent. Fortunately, a lot of your soon-to-be dead enemies can help out with that. Weapons can also be thrown which comes in handy.

Thanks to dynamic AI, each battle comes out feeling different, providing more replayability in the process. Severed Steel is currently in development for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Stay tuned for more gameplay and hopefully a release window in the coming months.

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