Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja Getting Classic Rereleases


Limited Run Games and Natsume have teamed up for something pretty special. As of today, fans can head to LRG’s website to preorder themselves either a Standard or Limited Editon copy of Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja. What makes that special? These are reproduction NES and Game Boy cartridges of the two games!

Let’s run through what’s inside of each Collectors Edition. First up is Shadow of the Ninja, release back in 1990 on NES:

Grab your katana, Shadow of the Ninja is getting a classic release on the NES! Pre-orders for both the standard and collector’s edition open this Friday. Bookmark the pages today. #ShadowOfTheNinja #NES


— Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) November 24, 2020

Shadow of the Ninja Collectors Edition includes:

  • Pixel art Hayate & Kaede portrait pin set
  • Acrylic standee
  • Commemorative premium metal coin
  • 12-song physical CD soundtrack
  • Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
  • Playable Shadow of the Ninja NES cartridge with classic packaging.
  • Instruction booklet
  • Limited Run dust sleeve

Now, let’s turn our attention to the follow-up game Return of the Ninja, launched in 2001 for Game Boy Color:

Return of the Ninja is sneaking up on the Game Boy Color with a standard and CE going live for pre-order this Friday! Check out the editions below. #ReturnOfTheNinja #GBC

Return Of The Ninja STD:

Return Of The Ninja CE:

— Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames) November 24, 2020

Return of the Ninja Collectors Edition includes:

  • Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
  • Tsukikage & Sayuri matching pixel art pin set
  • Premium metal coin, a retro style acrylic standee
  • 16-song physical CD soundtrack
  • Playable version of Return of the Ninja in classic GBC packaging with a retro transparent cartridge.
  • Instruction booklet

These classic platformers will be available for preorder until December 27. Will you be trying to pick yourself up a copy of either? Tell us in the comments and on social media!

Source: Limited Run Games Twitter Page

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