Shang-Chi: 10 Best Quotes From The MCU Movie

Shang-Chi has finally made his way onto the big screen, and fans seems to be mostly enjoying the movie. Like most of the MCU movies, it offers not just intriguing characters, but also memorable lines, funny quips, and serious or inspiring quotes that are worth remembering.

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Not only does the dialogue allow the audience to understand the characters better or make them laugh but they also help to establish Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as a part of a larger whole. Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the film that help reinforce its identity and place in the MCU.

"My Son, You Can't Run From Your Past."


A major subplot of the film concerns Shang-Chi's effort to escape the life his father leads and to become his own person. Shang-Chi moves to San Francisco, changes his name, and finds friends, but he still can't escape his past. As his father's men catch up with him, he goes to search for his sister and meets his father again.

As Shang-Chi's father put it, superheroes can't run from their past. Many MCU superheroes have traumatic backgrounds, from losing their friends (Captain America) to their parents dying (Star-Lord, Iron Man, Spider-Man). Shang-Chi isn't the only one who has to confront his past in order to move on with his life.

"If I Die, It's Your Fault!"


Shang-Chi is an excellent fighter, but he keeps his abilities a secret even from his best friend Katy. When they arrive to China to look for his sister, Shang-Chi accidentally signs up himself to a fight in an arena. He's understandably reluctant but Katy believes he can do it, and tries to convince him of it.

Shang-Chi has a funny response that demonstrates that even when they argue, he and Katy are still best friends. Their relationship remains strong despite the fact that Katy thinks it's safe for Shang-Chi to take on someone as large and dangerous as the Abomination, Hulk's old enemy.

"You're Just A Criminal Who Murders People."


Other superheroes out there initially idolize their fathers before they show their real face, such as Star-Lord and his father Ego. On the other hand, Shang-Chi has very few illusions about who his father is.

Even though Mandarin's motivation seems to come from love for his wife who was murdered, the way he approaches achieving his goals is anything but pure. He is ruthless, and Shang-Chi knows it. Perhaps it's one of the reasons it takes him so long to find the courage needed to defeat Mandarin in combat.

"You Are A Product Of All Who Came Before You, The Legacy Of Your Family. You Are Your Mother. And Whether You Like It Or Not, You Are Also Your Father."


All superheroes have something from both of their parents. Shang-Chi isn't proud of his connection to Mandarin, but when he meets his aunt, his mother's sister, she persuades him it's nothing wrong.

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Even though Shang-Chi was raised as a killer by his father, he uses the strength his father instilled in him to help the people of Ta Lo, not to terrorize them. Even though Shang-Chi manages to honor his mother's legacy, he wouldn't have been able to do it without what his father taught him.

"Welcome To The Circus."


Almost all MCU films (with the exception of Avengers: Endgame) have a post-credit scene. In the first post-credit scene of this movie, Wong picks up Shang-Chi and Katy and leads them to a meeting with Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner. Shang-Chi and Katy seem impressed by the superheroes talking to them.

Their conversation is cut short, but not before Bruce welcomes Shang-Chi and Katy into the lines of superheroes. The post-credit scene, however brief, serves as a way to remind everyone that Shang-Chi is a part of a bigger universe, the MCU. It's more than possible he'll end up working with the Avengers in the future movies, just as he does in the comics.

"Calm Down, Mate! I'm Not Dead, It's Just A Performance! Now Get Down Here And Play Along!"


Shang-Chi's animal sidekick, Morris, is a mythical creature from Ta Lo. He's responsible for Shang-Chi, Katy, Xialing and Trevor Slattery making it to Ta Lo in the first place. Slattery can communicate with Morris after having spent a lot of time with him as the Mandarin's captive.

When the Dweller and his minions attack the village, Morris finds Slattery lying on the ground and thinks he's dead, but Slattery calms the animal. It's of the unusual friendships that the MCU films can portray.

"I Know You Don't Like To Talk About Your Life, But A Guy With A Freaking MACHETE FOR AN ARM Just Chopped Our Bus In Half!"


Shang-Chi keeps a pretty low profile after he arrives to San Francisco and takes on the name of Shaun. Even his best friend Katy doesn't know many things about his past. Katy's surprised when Mandarin's men attack Shang-Chi on a bus, and he manages to fight them and defeat them.

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Katy helps Shang-Chi save the bus and everyone in it, but she doesn't shy away from confronting her friend once everything calms down a little. Katy has some of the funniest quips in the film, but she's more than just a funny sidekick. After all, she helps to save the day in the end thanks to her newfound archery skills.

"All I Ever Wanted Was A Normal Life."


Shang-Chi aspires to live like everyone else. That's why he moves to San Francisco in the first place, but his past eventually catches up with him. He comes from an extraordinary family and has unusual fighting abilities that he can't just walk away from.

Shang-Chi has to use his powers to stop his overly ambitious father. It works out well for him, but it becomes obvious Shang-Chi will never live the normal life he originally envisioned. Just like other superheroes, he has to make a sacrifice to become who he needs to be.

"In Ta Lo, We Train As Equals."


Shang-Chi's sister Xialing learned how to fight and fence for herself. However, she had to do it secretly since her father didn't believe in training women in combat.

Xialing finally gets the opportunity she deserves when she arrives in Ta Lo and learns than there, everyone can train regardless of their gender. Xialing quickly proves her worth in the fight against the Dweller and his army, and just like Katy, she shows that anyone can fight if they put their mind to it.

"If You Aim At Nothing, You Hit Nothing."


When Katy becomes an archer and fights for Ta Lo and its people, it gives her life a direction she has been missing. Before they come to Ta Lo, both Katy and Shang-Chi work as car parking valets, and it seems they're not very fond of their job.

By the end of the film, they have both become someone else entirely. They know they have to aim somewhere, possibly somewhere high, or they will have no chance of making something of themselves. This quote sums up that feeling perfectly.

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