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Shin Megami Tensei 5 – Day One DLC and New Game Plus Details Revealed

shin megami tensei 5

In the recent News Vol. stream for Shin Megami Tensei 5, Atlus provided the first details on the game’s DLC. “Return of the True Demon”, “A Goddess in Training”, “The Rage of a Queen” and “The Doctor’s Last Wish” will all be available on day one, and offer new challenges to face. “Return of the True Demon” revolves around obtaining a menorah from Sophia in the World of Shadows and facing some tough Fiends, including Daisoujou.

“A Goddess in Training” sees the player helping Artemis find a training partner. “The Rage of a Queen” sees Cleopatra being ousted from Bethel and the player having to check on her. “The Doctor’s Last Wish” is centered on Mephisto. Clearing these three DLC will unlock Artemis, Cleopatra and Mephisto for demon fusion.

All four DLC packs will be available as part of a downloadable content bundle. Players can also purchase a bundle containing the base game and its DLC. The Safety Mode DLC, which provides an easier difficulty for newcomers, will be free. A new Demi-fiend and demons are in the works for the future so stay tuned for more details on the same.

Finally, the developer spoke about New Game Plus, which offers two ways to transfer one’s save data and begin a new game – Newborn and Reborn. The former transfers enemy analysis data and the Demon Compendium without changing the difficulty. The latter will transfer one’s character level, skills, demons, Macca and items for a new playthrough. Certain demons and Miracles require multiple playthroughs to obtain, making New Game Plus essential for completionists.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is out on November 11th for Nintendo Switch.

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