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Silent Hill Studio Has Changed, Bluepoint Working on “Several” Metal Gear Solid Remakes – Rumor

silent hill

Before Konami was rumored to have licensed Silent Hill out to Bloober Team and a “prominent” Japanese developer, several reports stated that Sony was working on a new title in the series. Of course, there were also rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake (which is separate from the recent report of the IP being “up for grabs). As part of this convoluted stream of rumors comes information from insider KatharsisT on ResetEra who states that Silent Hill is still in the works at Sony.

However, they noted that, “the studio has changed” and couldn’t disclose the new studio due to “personal reasons.” Even more interesting is that several Metal Gear Solid remakes are in the works with Bluepoint handling development. With regards to Silent Hill and whether it was being developed by internal Sony studios or published by the company, we’re going to have to wait for more details. Unfortunately, when it comes to Castlevania, the franchise “was in discussion” but that’s apparently it.

The insider noted that their information has been vetted by ResetEra’s staff but take it with a grain of salt regardless. With E3 2021 coming up in June, all kinds of rumors are beginning to circulate like Kojima Productions reportedly in talks with Microsoft for publishing its next title. Stay tuned for more details and potential bombshell announcements in the coming months.

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