Sniper Elite 5 tech analysis: Rebellion's in-house Asura engine continues to impress

After a five-year wait, Sniper Elite 5 is here. This WW2 stealth shooter delivers gratifying kills and open-ended flexibility, but it’s also a rare example of big new title developed on a unique engine: Rebellion’s in-house Asura. With promised improvements to asset quality and full support for current-gen consoles, has Rebellion hit its mark? Or have their efforts fallen just short of the target? We looked at the PS5 and Series X/S versions to find out.

Before we get into the deeper technical changes, let’s cover the basics. All current-gen console versions use a dynamic resolution, maxing out at 4K on PS5 and Series X and 1440p on Series S. Minimum resolutions were measured at 1440p on PS5, 1656p on Series X and 864p on Series S – although 1080p is more typical.

So far, so standard, but then this base resolution image is cleaned up with post-processed AA, rather than a more standard TAA. That unfortunately results in rather aliased results and stability issues in motion. What looks like AMD’s FSR 1.0 technology is used to upscale to the console’s final output resolution, which produces a sharper image – albeit one with shimmering in foliage and specular elements.


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