Some Destiny 2 Players Prefer Astral Alignment to Override

Since changing to a seasonal content model in 2018, Destiny 2 has seen its fair share of activities reflecting the season it is part of. Menagerie, the Sundial, Battlegrounds, and more have come and gone as the game continues pushing forward with new activities for players to sink their teeth into. Season of the Lost's newest activity, however, is already proving to be a hit within the Destiny 2 community and players aren't shy to explain why.

Astral Alignment is the newest six-player, matchmade activity available for Destiny 2 players inside of Season of the Lost following on the heels of Season of the Splicer's Override activity. The new activity tasks players with "aligning the lay lines" between dimensions as part of Mara Sov's efforts to rescue her lost Techeuns. Players do this by clearing out enemy forces infesting the Dreaming City's Blind Well before heading into the more narrative-focused Shattered Dimensions missions.

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Over on Reddit, user Jackal_Main_0224 started a thread sharing their appreciation of the new activity, especially following Override. They point out the bosses, which are notably different from each other, and sheer number of enemies players fight. Other users followed suit, saying how much they were enjoying the activity for the same reasons as Jackal.

Astral Alignment is so much better than Override it’s not even funny from

Several users also noted how refreshing Astral Alignment felt coming off of Override in Season of the Splicer. While the activity was fun early on, some players said they felt the activity grew somewhat stale as the season went on and the boss rotation was not as drastically different week-to-week as the first two bosses in Astral Alignment have been.

The only critique players brought up was the end loot which some players said they felt was not as strong as previous seasons.

The overall positive response thus far to Astral Alignment, and Season of the Lost as a whole, is reflective of the upward trend the Destiny 2 seasonal model has been on in the last year. Narratively, the last year has been considered one of the best periods in the game's lifespan with the teases of Savathun, Xivu Arath, the Black Fleet, and everything to come in The Witch Queen and beyond.

When it comes to the seasonal activites, like Override and Astral Alignment, Bungie is continuing to experiment with varying reception from the community. Season of Opulence's Menagerie activity is still considered one of the best activities Bungie introduced into the game, but was followed a few seasons later by Season of the Worthy's Seraph Tower public events which was widely criticized. It will be worth watching to see if Astral Alignment can keep players' interest until The Witch Queen releases in February 2022.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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