Someone Discovered The Legend Of Dragoon Fan Remake In RPG Maker, And It Looks Awesome

Recently, Reddit user zipflop posted their art to The Legend of Dragoon subreddit. The image featured a 2D, pixelated version of Dart, the main character in the game. While the artwork was impressive and looks just like characters from games like Octopath Traveler, the more exciting find came from one of the commenters on the post, who pointed out that someone had already been working on a remake of The Legend of Dragoon in RPG Maker.

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The creator of this gem, who goes by Flanvel on YouTube, unfortunately hasn’t posted an update for more than a year now, but the project is still something to behold. In the video showcasing the project, we see the typical Legend of Dragoon title screen, but the text has a different font. After selecting “new game,” the cut scene is skipped, and we see a new, pixelated version of Rose on the hill above the forest and dragon below. If you ever wanted to see Rose as an adorable little pixel character, now is your chance.

Eventually, we also see Dart, along with the new version of combat in this remake. The combat is much like the original, though it seems you must select the addition during the battle that you wish to perform.

This partially done remake is impressive, and it highlights just how dedicated The Legend of Dragoon fans are. This project does not stand alone, as there is an entire community working on similar types of projects, such as The Legend of Dragoon manga, and the upscale project, which seeks to remake the game with, essentially, better and clearer graphics.

While no news of a remake has been announced yet, fans have not given up hope despite how many years have gone by since the game’s launch back in 2000 in North America. The petition for a remake is ever-growing, and discussion surrounding the game continues to flourish.

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