Song of Horror bringing its old-school third-person chills to consoles in May


Song of Horror, developer Protocol Games’ entertaining slice of decidedly old-school third-person terror, will be making its way to Xbox and PlayStation on 28th May.

Inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Alone in the Dark, Song of Horror tells the vaguely Lovecraftian story of a famed author who vanishes in his home following some strange business with a nefarious music box. What follows is a deliciously atmospheric – and, notably, entirely combat-free – stomp around a diverse range of appropriately spooky locations, with each of the game’s five distinct episodes serving up a new haunt (starting with a shadowy old house) and a new selection of playable characters.

Aside from delivering some wonderfully effective chills across its five episodes – Song of Horror keep the tension taut by encouraging players to proceed cautiously, pressing faces to doors and listening out for the ever-shifting horrors that may lie beyond – it also has a nicely diverse line in puzzling and some interesting ideas of its own.

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