Sonic Colors On Switch Is Unplayable For Some, Including Bugs That Need Seizure Warnings

This article contains videos that may induce seizures. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sonic fans are slamming the Nintendo Switch port of Sonic Colors: Ultimate after the launch of the Digital Deluxe version for optimization issues. And it's not just a matter of the game having poor quality, but some are complaining that it's unplayable due to bugs that may cause seizures in people with epilepsy and other photosensitivity conditions.

Twitter users @kakarooot7u51 and @Smoncdahonk shared videos demonstrating their own separate issues. The first video shows a bug in which the screen glitches in multiple colors both on the level select screen for the shuttle and inside the level, whereas the planet logo flashes into different shapes. The other shows Sonic glitching as he is moving the boxes to climb up the platform before the screen glitches out.

We do want to warn you, these videos may trigger a seizure. If this seizure warning applies to you, please move on.

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@AnotherBlob tweeted a video giving a side-by-side comparison of the loading screen times for the first two acts of Tropical Resort and Wave Ocean from Sonic '06, respectively. Act 2 of Tropical Resort took 15 seconds to load up, while Act 2 of Wave Ocean started in 18 seconds; Act 1 of Tropical Resort took 20 seconds to start, whereas the start of Act 1 of Wave Ocean clocked in at 22 seconds.

@CallieMacN shows that the end of the final boss with Eggman left out the firework sparkling with the Eggman symbol. While it appears to be a minor glitch on its own, she warns people who really want to purchase Sonic Colors: Ultimate to "please don't buy the Switch version" because of it.

Last March, Balan Wonderworld was mired in the same controversy when the game was released with a flashing bug in the final boss that doled out seizure attacks to both epileptic and non-epileptic players alike. The flashes were so severe, GameInformer's Liana Ruppert suffered an epileptic episode and had to go to the hospital after watching the video of the final boss fight. The video even struck her husband with dizziness and nausea despite him not having epilespy.

We have reached out to Sega to ask if they are developing a patch to address the glitches, but they have not responded to our request for comment.

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