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Sonic Colors: Ultimate No PS5 Version

The end of the Sonic Colors: Ultimate upgrades trailer showed that, while the game is available for previous-gen platforms and the Xbox Series X, it won’t have a PS5 version.

Every time a game trailer ends with the disc cover art shown, the consoles said game will be available for are listed beneath the release date banner so that consumers know if they’ll be able to play it. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a different story.

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The screenshot taken from the end of the Sonic Colors: Ultimate trailer shows the box art for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Beneath the physical disc boxes and the release date/pre-order banner, the list of consoles the game will be available for appears to match up.


If you take a closer look at the list, you’ll see that Xbox Series X/S is included, but somehow PS5 is left out.


An anonymous GameStop employee confirmed the discrepancy with a photo of a POS screen showing that Xbox Series X shows up as a platform option for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, but not PS5. Nor the Xbox One, for that matter. According to the employee, new Xbox games are marked in the store’s system under Series X, which is why Series X is listed instead of Xbox One.


Another layer of this PS5 mystery lies in the GameStop website. The product page for the Xbox One version of Sonic Colors: Ultimate shows that the game is compatible with both the old-gen console and the Xbox Series X. The page for the PS4 version shows it to be compatible with the PS5.

If Sega decided that Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be compatible with the Xbox Series X, then the game should be compatible with and available for the PS5 as well. More importantly, the trailer should reference that in some way so that PS5 players know they’re not being left out. GameStop’s categorization policy doesn’t help, but it’s ultimately on Sega to let consumers know where they can get the latest Sonic game.

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