Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch on the Way to Fix Launch Issues

A new video game's launch is important to its success. After months or even years of building anticipation from the fanbase, it's critical that the game delivers the experience fans had been expecting. However, this doesn’t always happen as the video game industry has many examples of disastrous launches. Recently, the developers behind Sonic Colors: Ultimate have been dealing with a number of post release problems as well.

While the full release of Sonic Colors: Ultimate isn’t until September 7, fans who purchased early access have already started to check out the game. This remastered edition of the 2010 Wii title aims to deliver fans of the franchise an updated version of one of Sonic’s best 3D adventures. Unfortunately, the game seems to be riddled with bugs since launch. Obviously, this isn’t desirable for the developers at Blind Squirrel Games, and as a result, they have promised to fix the game in an upcoming patch.

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Despite releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, the large amount of the glitches seem to be centered on the Switch version of the game. It’s worth noting that even though a number of players reported that the Nintendo Switch version was practically unplayable, it appears that some of these graphical problems were created in a Nintendo Switch emulator in an attempt to damage the remaster’s popularity. However, the game still contains a number of legitimate bugs that require a patch. Some of the glitches that fans have been experiencing include visual problems with level clear screens not displaying properly and players falling through the floor of stages

In a recent tweet from Blind Squirrel Games, the developers acknowledged that Sonic Colors: Ultimate needed fixing and told the community that they were listening to feedback. In addition, they instructed those that discover any future bugs to submit them directly to SEGA support. Social media manager of Sonic the Hedgehog Katie Chrzanowski reassured fans that the issues regarding the game were being looked into as well.

While a game such as Sonic Colors: Ultimate launching with a number of bugs is disappointing for fans, at least developers have the opportunity to continue to patch the game after release to improve the experience for players. The video game industry has a number of examples of games that have gone on to be successful after a terrible launch such as the procedurally generated No Man’s Sky. Hopefully, the developers behind Sonic Colors: Ultimate manage to fix the issues in this upcoming patch and deliver the Sonic game fans wanted from the start.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches September 7 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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