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Sony patents controller device equipped with proximity sensors

Sony has recently patented “Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing System, Controller Device, Information Processing Method, And Program”
With the description of “An information processing apparatus connected to a controller device equipped with proximity sensors that are provided for at least respective fingers of a user, estimating amounts of bending of the fingers of the user using the first method on the basis of detection results from the proximity sensors, estimating a posture and a shape of a hand of the user using a second method different from the first estimation method, and correcting by using information estimated by the first method, information regarding an amount of movement of each finger in a bending direction in information regarding the posture and the shape of the hand of the user estimated by the second method to generate information relating to the posture and the shape of the hand of the user.”
Image result for oculus quest 2 controllers
Basically, what this means is that they are trying to create some type of controller device equipped with proximity sensors that will track your fingers and hands; this seems like a new type of PS VR controller in normal wording; they want to track your hands for VR Games (Just an assumption). Oculus Quest 2’s controller does this thing, so I am just assuming that this patent is for a new PS VR controller; the current move controllers are pretty outdated, so this is a good thing. I really hope that they will release a new version of PS VR as well that works without any wires or a camera.
What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

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