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Sony patents Image Stabilization to make Live Streams more accessible

Recently, Sony patented an Image Stabilization feature which will apparently make Live Streams more accessible “IMAGE STABILIZATION CUES FOR ACCESSIBLE GAME STREAM VIEWING” is the title of this patent. I think this might end up being a really good thing for Accessibility in Gaming. I recently wrote an article about the Importance of Accessibility in Gaming as well. It has tons of information about Games Accessibility. Please check it out if you can.
Let’s go back to the patent. The description of this patent states, “A component such as a streaming gaming service creates two streams, the first stream for people with accessibility requirements and a second stream without. If desired, to reduce the number of streams that must be generated, the first stream may be rendered in an “everything on” mode in which motion stabilization is implemented on the video to reduce the perception of camera shakiness, and the second stream may be rendered in a “player’s choice” mode without motion stabilization. Alternatively, metadata of the video can indicate whether and what accessibility features should be applied on the receiver end.”
So basically, there will be an option to turn on Image Stabilization if this patent is actually implemented. I really hope that they do this because it could end up being an amazing feature in Games Accessibility, and it could help millions of people.
What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

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