Sony Rumoured To Be Opening A New Studio In Japan

Sony is rumoured to be building a brand new studio in Japan, following on from comments that it will continue to invest in its Tokyo team.

This rumour comes from Redditor Air_Radiant, who previously posted about the Housemarque acquisition before it was formally announced. Air_Radiant says that the information comes from the same source as the Housemarque acquisition, although also warns that they're not fully convinced just yet.

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Sony apparently building brand new studio in Japan from

They said, "apparently Sony is in the process of building an entirely new studio in Japan to work on big-budget AAA games. Essentially this studio is in the same vein as Microsoft "Initiative", and apparently, Sony wants this studio to make big hits that are both successful in Japan as well as in the West.

"In short, they want this studio to make an IP in the scale of Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry or Metal Gear. Source has told me that they are hiring veteran developers from Capcom's Resident Evil team, devs from Square Enix and even developers from Konami (apparently a lot of vets got laid off after Konami re-structured earlier this year). What game they are working on the source has not been revealed to me, but apparently, Sony was working on this since early 2020 and they were already planning the shuttering of Japan Studio."

Air_Radiant followed the post up by saying that they'd been in contact with the source, who claimed that we could be seeing the project and the announcement of the studio in the coming months. With the recent announcement of a new PlayStation Showcase, it's entirely possible that this unknown game will make an appearance at the Showcase. It's confirmed that it'll be focused on the future of PlayStation, after all.

It's interesting that Sony is putting money into a new studio in Japan considering that, just earlier this year, they closed Japan Studio down. This likely means that whatever the studio is working on next will be different from the sorts of games that Japan Studio used to create.

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