Sony's new PlayStation Plus classic games emulators simply aren't good enough

This week, Sony has started rolling out the new PlayStation Plus service with its various tiers including classic games such as PlayStation 1, 2 and PSP titles. Thus far, however, the service is only available in Asian territories. Thankfully, with help from backers of the DF Supporter Program, we have access and have spent time with Sony’s official emulation for the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP. Consider this a preview of sorts as it may not reflect the experience of UK/EU/US gamers, but it is our first insight into the nuts and bolts of the emulation – and there are clearly major issues the platform holder has to address.

To recap, the new PlayStation Plus consists of three tiers. Essential is pretty much the Plus experience as it stands now, while Extra gives you access to a large library of PS4 and PS5 titles to download and play. It’s the top-end Premium tier that offers up the classic games, however, alongside cloud streaming (in supported territories) along with time-limited trials.

So, how does the top tier offering work with regards to classic games? Well, once you sign up, a new menu option becomes available with various categories including the classic games. Click on this and you’ll see that – for Asian subscribers at least – just a small handful of titles are currenly available including Tekken 2, Mr Driller, Ape Escape and more. There’s also a handful of Jak titles available for PS2 and a single PSP game, the handheld port of Echochrome.


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