Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation Exclusive Announcements Will Reportedly Leave People “Shocked”

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If there is one thing that maybe surprised people about the reveals of this new generation of consoles, it’s probably how aggressive Sony came out of the gate with timed exclusive content with their PS5 reveal. While the start of a new generation is often a time when we see deals of this nature, it’s never been quite to the scale that we’ve seen here. And it hasn’t stopped at said reveal, it was recently announced that Spider-Man would be exclusive to the PlayStation versions of next month’s Marvel’s Avengers, for instance. And it seems Sony is far from done, and apparently some of it will be quite shocking.

Imran Khan, formerly of Game Informer and currently at Kinda Funny, recently talked about how he’s heard Sony has a lot more exclusive deals coming within the next year. In the latest Kinda Funny Games Daily episode he elaborated on that, saying if what he heard was true, there was a lot of games that were generally considered multiplatformed Sony will announce exclusive deals for. It’s not clear if he means entire titles being exclusive to PS4/PS5, such as was the case with Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, or content deals like Spider-Man or a mixture of both, but either way, he says that people are going to be shocked at the level Sony is going after.

“There are things you will be shocked to find out that Sony is moneyhatting”, Khan said. “That they are like locking up for timed exclusivity of like “wow, that is a game you are choosing?” Not because it’s bad, because it’s huge. So I am interested to see where this conversation is going to be in a couple of months because there are games that are widely accepted as multiplatform that Sony is locking up for a little while. So I would not be shocked if they did something insane like that.”

One rumor going around is that Final Fantasy 16 could be a candidate for Sony to get as an exclusive, but that probably isn’t ‘shocking’ considering the year long exclusive deal between Sony and Square for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’ll be quite interesting to see what games Khan could potentially be talking about, because the scale implied here is quite large. The next year will be an interesting one, if nothing else.

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