Soulja Boy Criticizes Twitch Streamers That Are Leaving for YouTube

Popular Twitch streamers are slowly moving over to YouTube livestreaming, but some people aren't so happy with the shift. Rapper Soulja Boy has stated his position on these moves, claiming the streamers are selling out for clout.

During a recent Twitch livestream, Soulja Boy went off on the popular streamers who are leaving the platform for YouTube. Soulja Boy continues to be a Twitch streamer and he assured his community that he will remain on the platform despite all of the moves to YouTube. Soulja Boy claimed that he doesn't need to sell out to YouTube because of how wealthy he is before flashing his money at the live viewers.

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After asking his fans if they want to know what a million dollars looks like, Soulja Boy grabbed a nearby wad of cash before telling them to stop playing with him. The rapper then showed off an extremely expensive Lamborghini truck parked outside in his driveway. Soulja Boy made no qualms about how much money he spends on vehicles, claiming that his car collection is worth around $620,000.

It isn't uncommon for Soulja Boy to brag about the large sums of money he's able to acquire. The rapper frequently flashes cash, jewelry, and more during his Twitch livestreams. "I am clout! I don’t need no money!" said Soulja Boy during a recent stream. "I never leave Twitch!" Beyond simply purchasing extravagant goods, Soulja Boy has also invested heavily in the cryptocurrency market.

Among the big Twitch streamers who recently left the platform for YouTube livestreaming are TimTheTatMan and DrLupo. Both of the popular streamers made the jump to YouTube at around the same time and both are finding success on the new platform. These streamers making the shift to YouTube have sturred some controversy as Twitch streamer xQc has also claimed that they made the move for money.

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig recently suggested that “a bunch” of Twitch streamers will be leaving for YouTube in the near future. Ludwig never disclosed any names, but some Twitch streamers are teasing a move to the other streaming platform. Nickmercs from Faze Clan just recently teased a big move as he just recently signed the "biggest deal" of his life.

Soulja Boy continues to delve into gaming ventures with minor success thanks to the handheld game console called the TRDR Pocket. According to Soulja Boy, this success resulted in Atari reaching out to him privately. The rapper recently claimed to own Atari before the company released an official statement to remind gamers that Wade Rosen is the recognized CEO of Atari.

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