Spectre is Being Built With Splinter Cell Fans In Mind

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a beloved game franchise, ranking among the best stealth games ever made as a direct competitor to the Metal Gear Solid series. And yet, despite its acclaim, it has been nearly 3000 days since the last Splinter Cell game's release.

This is why the announcement of Spectre should bring joy to the hearts of players who are still waiting for the next Splinter Cell game, at least partially. Created by a small indie team, Spectre is, at least in part, a spiritual successor to one part of Splinter Cell that brought many players together: its multiplayer mode.

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Spectre is a send up to Splinter Cell's Spies Vs. Mercs mode, which appeared over three different games in the series. The game consists of two teams, Spectres and Reapers, each attempting to complete different objectives while taking out members of the other team. Reapers are heavily armed and armored, loud, and dangerous, while Spectres are stealthy and tactical, requiring careful preparation and timing to best the Reapers. The game wears its parallels to Spies Vs. Mercs on its sleeve, and its creators make no attempt to hide their inspiration. It's not the full Splinter Cell series coming back to life, but it's something.


The two lead designers of Symbiosis Games originally bonded over their love of the Splinter Cell franchise, and it is what brought them back together after years working independently in the gaming industry. There are currently three maps and two different game modes planned for Spectre upon release, with different gadgets (called Edges) for each side to use. This means that players can customize their Spectres and Reapers to their own playstyle to a certain degree, and possibly their appearances as well. The bones for the game were specifically inspired by the Spies vs. Mercs mode from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which many players still hope will get remade.

Still, Splinter Cell didn't exactly thrive on its multiplayer alone. In fact, the games are well known for their single player campaigns, which Spectre will not have at launch. At the moment, the best players can hope for is the Splinter Cell animated series.

That doesn't mean Spectre will always be multiplayer only though. Its creators have stated that if the game is successful enough, a singleplayer game would be the follow up project. This gives players another reason to try out the title, and gives the alleged upcoming Splinter Cell multiplayer spin-off some serious competition.

Spectre is scheduled to release on PC towards the end of the year.

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