Spelunky 2 Release Date Finally Revealed

Yes, It's Really Coming Out in 2020

After what must have felt like an eternity, hardcore platformer fans are finally getting the news they've been waiting for: the Spelunky 2 release date has been revealed during today's PlayStation State of Play stream.

"A big thanks to the fans who've waited patiently for us to finish Spelunky 2," said the game's creator Derek Yu. "It's been a long journey, but I think it's going to be worth it. Thanks."

Following this heartwarming thanks from the game's creator, we got the big reveal: the Spelunky 2 release date is September 15, 2020.

Spelunky 2 should be making its way to Steam and other platforms, although we can't say for sure if it's going to be sharing the September 2020 release date just yet. Either way, PS4 gamers will be able to enjoy this terrifically-challenging platformer in just over a month.

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