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Spider-Man PC

Sony released Marvel’s Spider-Man PC version last week, quickly climbing Steam charts as one of the most popular games on the platform. Despite the game already looking (and performing) very nicely, there is already a ReShade RTGI mod to further enhance the visuals.

However, renowned modder jedijosh920 may have opened the way to much more substantial mods with his Marvel’s Spider-Man PC modding tool, available for download on Nexus Mods.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC Modding Tool allows you to extract and replace any asset in the game’s asset archives. It’s the foundation of creating and installing mods, having an easy-to-use mod file system where users can create and share their mods and also install them.

Extracting/Replacing Assets:
You can right-click an asset on the side files view and use extract or replace. When you extract an asset, it will be a decompressed game file, whether it be a model, texture, actor, etc. Other tools or programs can then modify those assets, or you can manually hex edit them if you have the knowledge. Then you reimport/replace the modified asset afterward. You can also just swap it with another asset that has the same “Asset Type” such as “hero_spiderman_body.model” and “amb_rat.model” and Spider-Man will turn into Spider-Rat! In future updates, the tool will be able to process more assets within the tool itself.

Creating/Installing Mods:
Whenever you replace an asset with another asset, it will be added to the “Save/Create Mod” modified files queue. It doesn’t replace it in the files itself until you create that mod file “.smpcmod” and use “Install Mod”. You can add mod thumbnails and change metadata such as Title, Author, and Description. It is recommended to create an “Install” mod file that has modified files and “Uninstall” mod file which has backup files.

These are the main files you want to share when creating/installing mods.

Needless to say, we’ll keep on any interesting Marvel’s Spider-Man PC mods made with these tools.

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