Spiritfarer Is Getting A Collector’s Edition For PS4 And Switch

It's been announced that Spiritfarer will be getting a fancy Collector's Edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch courtesy of iam8bit. The edition features a number of interesting items, the largest of which is a fully functional Everlight Replica which you can put on a shelf to light up whatever room you decide to put it in. A full list of everything included in the Collector's Edition is below:

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  • Fully functional Everlight replica
  • Innovative & Premium Constellation Lantern Display Box
  • Collectible Postcard and Stamp Set which includes a personal side quest
  • Digital Download Card for the Spiritfarer soundtrack by composer Max LL
  • Digital Download Card for 96-page Spiritfarer art book
  • Physical Edition of Spiritfarer featuring exclusive, reversible cover art by Aiden Yetman-Michaelson
  • Includes all digital content upgrades

That's a whole lot of goodies for one Collector's Edition, and nabbing one will set you back a pretty hefty $199.99, but it definitely looks like it will be worth the money. If that's too expensive for you, there's also a vinyl version of the game's soundtrack available for $39.99 that includes some gorgeous album art by Erin Vest.

Both the vinyl and Collector's Edition of Spiritfarer are currently available to pre-order over on the iam8bit website. While not explicitly stated, it's likely these are in limited stock, so be sure to grab one sooner rather than later if you're interested.

If you've been looking for another reason to jump back into Spiritfarer, you may be interested to know that the game's next big update went live recently, bringing with it a brand new spirit and a number of quality of life improvements. The "Beverly" update is the second of three updates planned for Spiritfarer throughout 2021, with the first having already gone live back in April earlier this year.

If you haven't played the game yet, Spiritfarer is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and can be purchased and played on PS5 and Xbox Series X via backward compatibility.

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