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Splitgate Developer 1047 Games Wants To Become The Next Riot Games


Splitgate developer 1047 Games recently revealed in an interview with TechCrunch that it wants Splitgate to be 1047 Games’ League of Legends. The developer recently raised a $100 million in funding, which would of course – be utilized largely in future development of Splitgate.

Splitgate has been a massive hit for developer 1047 Games, who has ambitious plans for the future of the franchise. In addition to support for newer platforms, 1047 Games also wishes to add a Forge mode and a single-player campaign. The developer wishes to go big with Splitgate, and in turn, wish to achieve the stature of Riot Games and League of Legends.

“There’s so much we couldn’t think about because we were a tiny team with a tiny budget, but now everything is on the table,” said the co-founder of 1047 Games. “We’re focusing on the long term—I look at the game as being 25% done. We don’t need to be Fortnite tomorrow, but now it really is about building the next Riot Games, the next big games business.”

Live-service games have been soaring in popularity as of late, with studios such as Norsefell and 1047 Games trying to tap into this space with relatively smaller budgets.

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