Splitgate: How to Use referral codes to play with friends

Splitgate Referral codes

Splitgate is an online shooter that is best played with friends. Here’s how to use referral codes in Splitgate.

Splitgate is an exclusively multiplayer arena shooter that’s growing in popularity, the game is also attracting a following at e-sports events and can be played on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Like most multiplayer shooters, Splitgate is at its best when played with friends, however, to do so, you’ll need to use a Splitgate referral code to allow your friends to enter your game – or to enter there’s.

The process of using Splitgate referral codes isn’t immediately obvious to those starting the game, therefore the below guide will explain how they work. Here’s how to use referral codes in Splitgate.


Referral codes Splitgate
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Splitgate is growing in popularity, especially when it comes to E-sports.

How to use referral codes in Splitgate

To use a referral code in Splitgate, first you’ll need to bring up the game’s reward center. On PC you can simply select the option on-screen, but on console you’ll need to press R3 on PlayStation and RS on Xbox. Here’s the process broken down into easy steps:

  • Boot up Splitgate.
  • Open the reward center.
  • Select the “refer a friend” option.
  • Copy your own referral code and send it to your friend


  • Input your friend’s referral code in the box that appears
  • You should now be connected on Splitgate

Be aware, you can only input a friend’s code if you are below Level 10. If you’re higher than this level and still want to play with friends, we’d recommend making a new character and then add them.

This is to stop high level players having an unfair advantage over newer ones.

Splitgate referral codes
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Referral codes in Splitgate let players enter each other’s worlds.

Splitgate referal rewards

When a friend accepts your referral code in Splitgate, you’ll then be treated to a referral reward.

These are usually just simply cosmetic things like skins for your gun and similar rewards. There are five different tiers to referral rewards, so it’s worth encouraging as many friends as you can to get involved.

The first Referral tier unlocks a new gun skin called Ritual Legendary Plasma Rifle skin. Tier two unlocks a name tag that reads ‘Recruiter Epic‘, while the third tier unlocks the Racer Epic Skin for the standard pistol.

For the final two tiers, the fourth unlocks the Splitgate Epic Banner for your character, while the fifth unlocks the Wildfire Legendary skin for the SMG.

So there you have it, how to use referral codes in Splitgate. For more first-person shooter guides, check out some of the below:

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