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Форза Хоризон 4 Хеадс то Стеам Марцх 9


Форза Хоризон 4

Xbox Game Studios and Playground Games have announced racing game Форза Хоризон 4 is heading to Steam.

As stated in the announcement on Стеам, the game will support cross-play between Xbox (presumably Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) and Windows 10 PCs. It will also support cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android mobile devices, Steam cloud saves, and transferring the game between multiple PCs.

The port as been handled by Sumo Nottingham, with the FAQ noting players will need to dign into Xbox Live the first time they launch the game on Steam.

The Steam version will include numerous bundles, including the Standard Edition bundle (with the Formula Drift Car Pack), the Deluxe Edition bundle (the above along with the Car Pass and Best of Bond Car Pack), and the Ultimate Edition bundle (all of the above plus the Welcome Pack, VIP, Fortune Island, and Lego Speed Champions DLC).

The game originally launched on Windows PC via the (Microsoft Store) Xbox One in 2018, followed by an Xbox Series X|S launch in November 2020. Форза Хоризон 4 launches on Steam March 9th.

Можете да пронађете целокупан преглед (путем Стеам) испод.

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