Star Wars Jedi Survivor has five “fully realised” stances, dual blade and Kylo Ren-style crossguard lightsabers detailed


More snippets of information about Star Wars Jedi Survivor are steadily being released, with the most recent of these shedding more light on combat, traversal, and a new face for the series.

Speaking to Game Informer, director Stig Asmussen stated players will discover “five fully realised stances in the game” for protagonist Cal Kestis, including a dedicated dual blade option and Kylo Ren-esque crossguard-style lightsaber (both of which were glimpsed in the most recent gameplay trailer, which you can see below).

As you may already have assumed, Asmussen said it will be “advantageous to use certain types of stances against certain types of enemies”. This, the director says, will require the player to “break down the enemies and figure out what the best weapon of choice is”.

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