Stardew Valley: Complete Guide To Making Clothes

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Prior to starting a new farm in Stardew Valley, you will be given the opportunity to pick your outfit. This is a tough decision since you will be wearing these clothes for a while, but eventually, you will be able to craft and wear new outfits. Thanks to the 1.5 update released back in December 2020, we can now make tons of different outfits for every occasion. In this guide, we're going to go over everything you need to know about making clothes.

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These clothes can be made from the sewing machine, which sits in Emily and Haley's house. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the sewing machine right away. First, let's go over the steps to unlocking the sewing machine.

Unlocking The Sewing Machine In Emily And Haley's House

To unlock the sewing machine, you will need at least one cloth in your inventory.

Cloth can be created by putting wool in a loom. To obtain wool, you will need either a rabbit or a sheep. These animals will periodically give wool, which can be added to a loom. Both of these animals require the highest barn and coop upgrade, so before you can make wool, you will need to upgrade these buildings.

The loom recipe is learned after you reach farming level seven, and will take 60 wood, 30 fiber, and one pine tar. This is pretty simple to craft; just make sure that you have tapper placed on a pine tree to get the pine tar. Your farming level will increase through daily farm activities. As long as you are tending your crops and taking care of your animals every day, your level will go up.

Now that you have your cloth, wait until the next day and leave your farmhouse between 6 am and 11 am. If it is not raining, Emily will approach you, talking about her sewing machine. Once the cutscene ends, you can start using the sewing machine right away.

How To Get Your Own Sewing Machine

By completing a special order for Emily, you will also be able to have your very own sewing machine.

After completing the order Rock Rejuvenation, Emily will give you a sewing machine that you can place in your farm. To complete this quest, you need to gather the following materials. All of these gems can be found in the mines that are north of Pelican Town. Throughout the 120 floors, you will see nodes for each of the materials.

  • 1 Ruby
  • 1 Topaz
  • 1 Emerald
  • 1 Jade
  • 1 Amethyst

Your personal sewing machine can be placed anywhere in your house and can be used at any time. It's a great addition to your farm if you love to make clothes, but don't want to travel to Emily and Haley's house. For more information on special orders, check out this guide.

How To Use The Sewing Machine

The sewing machine is located in Emily and Haley's house in the smaller front room. You can use it whenever you like; nobody has to be home. As long as you visit when the house is unlocked between 9 am and 8 pm, you can make as many clothes as you want.

To use the sewing machine, place a piece of cloth on the left side. Above, you can see an empty square with the cloth outline. This is where you will put the cloth.

Next, place an item on the right side, above the power button. This is the spool of the sewing machine, where the thread would usually go. On the right panel, you will see a clothing shape appear. If you're making new clothes, this will display with a question mark with the outline of the clothing. If you are making something already known, you will see a picture of the clothing. Pressing the power button will turn the machine on, giving you the clothing.

One cloth will create one piece of clothing, so if you want to make multiple outfits, be sure to bring additional cloth with you.

Different Types Of Clothing

There are four different types of clothing in Stardew Valley; hats, shirts, pants, and shoes. With the sewing machine, you will only be able to craft hats, shirts, and pants.

Footwear cannot be crafting because it functions as a combat item.

For example, the sneakers will boost your defense by one, and the Genie shoes boost defense by one and immunity by six. Overall, footwear is meant to aid you in combat. Although you can't create or dye footwear, you can use the sewing machine to transfer stats between different footwear. We will go over this later.

Making Shirts, Pants, And Hats

There are a lot of clothes in Stardew Valley and a majority of the clothes that you make will be shirts. There is a range of unique shirts in the game, but many objects will create a shirt that is simply called 'shirt' and has the color of the item used.

Although you will not be able to tell the exact design of your clothing prior to making it, you can infer based on the materials. For example, when adding banana pudding to the sewing machine, you will get a banana shirt.

There are considerably fewer pants and hats. Both of these pieces of clothing can be made at the sewing machine and still require just one cloth and an item. Pants can either be normal-length, shorts, dress bottoms, skirts, or Genie pants. Like shirts, the style and design will differ depending on the item added.

Lastly, we have hats. There is a variety of hats, with some a bit more silly than others. Oftentimes, you will get a normal hat, but for stranger items, you will get a mask.

For example, a blobfish added to a sewing machine will give you a blobfish mask. Basically, the style and type of clothing will depend on the specific item. Once you have enough cloth, try experimenting to see what new clothing you can make. If you don't like a piece of clothing, you can just tuck it away in a dresser.

For a complete look at every piece of clothing in the game, check out this full list on the Stardew Wiki.

How To Dye Clothes

Some clothes will be dyeable as well. When reading the description of clothes, they may say 'dyeable'. To dye already made clothing, add it back to the sewing machine in the spot where the cloth would go. Next, you will want to add another item to the spot above the power button. On the right panel, you will see what the new color of the clothing will be, so you can test out a few different dyes from your inventory. You will be able to place pretty much any item in the top right spot.

Some clothes can be dyed multiple times to get a stronger color. If you use a red item on a white shirt, it may take a few different tries to get it really red.

Dye Pot Alternative

In addition to using the sewing machine to dye clothes, you can use dye pots. These pots are found on the right side of the sewing room in Emily's house.

Interacting with the pots will bring up a menu, displaying your inventory and six different pots. The pots will be color-coded. You will need to add an item to a pot with the associated color. For example, a cherry would be placed in the red dye pot.

Fill all six dye pots and you will be given dye, which will grant you the ability to change an item's color on the color sider.

Overall, to use the dye pots you will need items of the following colors.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Transferring Footwear Stats

Finally, we have boots and shoes. At the sewing machine, you will be able to transfer stats between the items.

To do this, place the footwear with the stats that you want in the upper right square. Next, place the item you want to give the stats to in the bottom left square. Powering on the machine will transfer stats to the item on the left. This will consume the item on the right side, so only do this if you definitely don't want this item anymore.

Your new shoes will display as custom-tailored. With the ability to transfer stats between your footwear, you no longer have to walk around in brightly colored shoes that do not match your outfit. A majority of the footwear in the game can be found while exploring the mines or the volcano dungeons. Keep an eye out for any chests or dropped loot while in these locations. You may find the perfect pair of shoes that match your favorite outfit.

That's all there is to know about making clothes and using the sewing machine. Get out there and make clothes for every season!

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