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Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find an RPG without a persuasion system, and Starfield from Bethesda is no exception. No matter what NPC you’re chatting with, the persuasion system can make a difference in how your game plays.

Because you’ll be encountering people from all over the Settled Systems, from different factions to different romanceable characters, persuasion will be key to getting what you want. It can really change up your storyline to how you want it.

If you need help understanding and mastering the Starfield persuasion system, have no fear. We’re here to help you out in this guide.

What is the persuasion system in Starfield?

The persuasion system in Starfield is dialogue options that change how an encounter plays out during the game. Each of the lines of dialogue, depending on what they say, can change whether you convince an NPC to do something (or not do something).

When conversing with an NPC or companion, a dialogue option with the tag [Persuade] may pop up, and this will allow you to attempt to persuade them.

If you choose to persuade, you’ll get different dialogue options to persuade the NPC with, ranging from easy (green) to medium (orange) to hard (red). Each dialogue option also has points attached to it, with more points earned depending on the difficulty of persuasion you chose. Which option you choose will determine the points added to your persuasion bar, which you can find below the dialogue options.

Starfield How to persuade easy – Persuasion Guide

In order to get your persuasion to work, you need to fill up the persuasion bar. Not every dialogue option could be successful, so it’s important to choose wisely. You’ll also notice that you have a certain amount of turns left. If you’re dialogue choice fails, you’ll lose a turn. However, if your dialogue choice succeeds, you’ll get a free turn added. As long as your choices keep succeeding, you never run out of turns.

If you’ve been succeeding enough, you will also see your auto-persuade available. This lets you immediately persuade the NPC. However, you have to charge this option up, and once you’ve used it, it needs to be charged again.

By either filling up your persuasion bar or using auto-persuade, you will successfully persuade the NPC and win!

There are plenty of places for persuasion to be useful, for example, when a Crimson Fleet ship attacks yours, you can attempt to persuade them not to loot your ship. This will save you a fight.

The persuasion in the game is described as classic Bethesda-style dialogue by game director Todd Howard, and if you’re familiar with previous games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls’ persuasion style, Starfield’s will be easy to pick up during your quests and missions.

Gameplay can vary quite a bit depending on how good your persuasion skill is, and if you decide to increase your social skill to improve it.

Can you improve persuasion skills?

Yes, there are a few different ways to improve your persuasion skills. The main way is unlocking the skill in the Social Skill tree, which will allow you to begin persuading NPCs. From there, you can:

  • Level up the persuasion skill in the Social Skill tree
  • Continue practicing persuasion by using the option during encounters

The Starfield dialogue system isn’t too tough to figure out, but once you have it figured out, it will change up your gameplay and allow you to convince others to do what you want.

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