Starfield Teaser Was Entirely In-Game, Didn’t Use Any Cinematic Tools

Gameplay teasers that don’t actually show any gameplay but rather show cinematic glimpses of the game using in-engine assets are only slightly better than complete CG trailers, but even so, they have some merits- they give us a decent idea, for instance, of the kind of look a game is going for, and what sort of visual fidelity it’s going to be capable of. Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield recently got a similar teaser at E3 2021, and apparently, it might be quite closely representative of what the game might end up looking like.

Over on his ArtStation profile, Bethesda Game Studios’ senior lighting artist Keith Beltramini says that the recent Starfield teaser was created “entirely in-game” and that it was made “without any cinematic tools.”

Bethesda Game Studios have apparently put the Creation Engine through a major engine rewrite for Starfield, and are now calling it Starfield 2. Reports have also suggested that the engine features a complete rewrite of the animations system from scratch.

Starfield launches for Xbox Series X and on PC on November 11, 2022.

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