Starfield’s Xbox Series X/S and PC Exclusivity Will “Make for a Better Product” – Todd Howard

Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard has stated that making games exclusively for Xbox indirectly makes for a better all-around experience. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Todd Howard talked about how Microsoft and Xbox are doing more for players with forward-thinking strategies, like xCloud and Xbox Game Pass.

“You don’t ever want to leave people out, right?” Howard said. “But at the end of the day, your ability to focus and say, this is the game I want to make, these are the platforms I want to make it on, and being able to really lean in on those is going to make for a better product.”

“By focusing on those platforms, you really get to lean in a lot on making it the best it can be for those systems,” he added. “And we’re big believers in all of the avenues that Xbox and Microsoft are doing to get games to more people. Whether that’s the integration with the PC, which is huge for us, the cloud streaming and all those things. So I think it’s about taking a long term view. And our belief that those things are really fundamentally good. So we see it actually opening up more and more and more so that people’s ability to play our games – via Game Pass and other things – their ability to play our games doesn’t go down. It goes up dramatically.”

In addition to this, Todd Howard also stated that disbanding a popular platform like PlayStation has its obvious flaws, and seemed to stop short of suggesting something that might give PS5 players some hope.

“Well, we’re still…” he started, then said- “I will just say I want everybody to have the ability to play it in some fashion.”

Starfield will be releasing exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11th, 2022, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the game on launch day at no additional cost.

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