Steam Next Fest: Nuke Zone is a beautiful riff on Battlezone

Years ago there was a lovely rumour going around about Battlezone, the vector-based tank-'em-up that brought a fragile futuristic beauty to arcades everywhere. The rumour was pretty simple: see that volcano in the distance? You can go inside it. And then drive around and stuff. Honest.

Not honest, obviously. But the Battlezone rumour made total sense because this straight-ahead world of digital tanks and digital warfare was so bewitching in its sparseness, so fiercely writable. You saw the volcano and you wanted to believe you could get inside it. And then drive around! And stuff!

Don't say and stuff. Anyway, Nuke Zone is here as part of Steam's Next Fest demo event. It's a tank game by Blue Wizard Digital, a company that has plenty of lovely Popcap DNA in it. And it's taking the vector disco aesthetic of Battlezone and the idea of digital tanks that rip into other digital tanks. And maybe it will bring a certain rumour back to life – in a new way.

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