Steam Replay 2022 is here to reveal what PC game kept you busiest this year


Valve’s new Steam Replay feature is here with a handy summary of your 2022 PC playtime.

Just like PlayStation’s annual Wrap-Up feature, Steam Replay tots up “all of your playtime between the first second of January 1 and the last second of December 14 (GMT)” – albeit only the games you’ve played whilst online; offline play and time spent “running tools” is not included – and presents it as a convenient infographic.

As well as a highlight panel that shows how much time you’ve spent on the games that have kept you busiest over the last 12 months (for me, it’s been indie ghosthunting hit Phasmophobia), you also get a summary of your achievements – including the “rare” ones – and your longest streak, as well as data that lets you know how you compare with the rest of Steam’s community.

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