Sunblaze Is A Brutal Platformer Inspired By Celeste

A trend of the past decade, if not longer, has been indie studios gracing fans with the sort of brutal, over-the-top platformers that most AAA devs don’t seem interested in making. Celeste is a great example of this, brining tough-as-nails gameplay alongside a delightful and poignant narrative. This game is what’s serving as inspiration for Games From Earth and Bonus Stage Publishing’s platformer Sunblaze, which you can get a look at in this trailer:

What can we expect from Sunblaze? Let’s see what the studio has to say:

SUNBLAZE is a mind-bending 2D precision platformer inspired by Celeste. With a deep emphasis on solving witty
puzzles the game might cause massive brain growth, but has also proven to be dangerous for your controller. Lead
the main character Josie through a superhero training room operated by her retired superhero dad, but beware!
The room is going rogue, and attempts keep you trapped inside forever. Dash through over 700 handcrafted levels
and keep dying for hours and hours!

Try, die, try, die again, try, triumph—arguably one of the most fun game loops in the business when it’s done well. Sunblaze is out now on Nintendo Switch, so if you’ve been dying for a gritty challenge with pretty visuals, this could be the game for you.

Source: Bonus Stage Publishing Press Release

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