Super Kiwi 64 is the Latest Platformer from Toree Creator Siactro


Back in November of last year we were taken aback by a delightful duo of retro-inspired platformers by developer Marcus “Siactro” Horn. Toree 3D and Toree 2 both boast gorgeous low-poli graphics that are highly evocative of games from the Nintendo 64/PlayStation era of video games. Collect-a-thons, the games were brief experiences that provided no frills, tight, fun platforming action. Needless to say, Siactro is on our radar, so it was quite the pleasant surprise to hear about the latest game coming from the developer−Super Kiwi 64:

According to Siactro, players can anticipate a 3D platformer with the following features:

  • Low poly late 90s retro looks.
  • Kiwi can jump, glide, corkscrew-attack and stick to walls in order to jump up almost every wall.
  • The levels can be played in any order, and not every level needs to be finished in order to collect enough to reach the ending.
  • Features a bird with a long beak!

Super Kiwi 64 is anticipated to come to Switch later this year. Have you checked out Toree 3D and Toree 2 yet? Both games will run you about a couple of bucks, so definitely consider giving the duo a look soon if you haven’t!

Source: Siactro Twitter Page

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