Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Modder Creates An Adorable Final Fantasy 7 Themed Costume for Pichu

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a massive roster containing over 70 fighters, including characters from Nintendo's first party lineup and various third-party characters that were also invited. One of the most represented series in the game is Pokemon, with a total of eight playable fighters to choose from. One of these fighters is Pichu, the pre-evolved version of Pikachu, who is both adorable and powerful. Much like Pikachu, he has a variety of alternate hats for his playable skins, with modders of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community giving him even more options. One modder in particular has given him an alternate costume based off of Final Fantasy 7's protagonist, Cloud Strife.

Cloud's first appearance in Super Smash Bros. was in the fourth game as a DLC Fighter. He would be Square Enix's first representative in the game, and would make a return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a few years later. He would then be joined by fellow cast mate and arch nemesis Sephiroth in late 2020, as a DLC Fighter for the game. This aspect is played up in the trailer of the mod, which also acted as a video showcase of Pichu's new look.

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The video starts off with Sephiroth KO-ing Cloud, and he is about to finish him off. That is until Pichu comes to his rescue, dressed in Cloud's gear. The video and screenshots of the mod show off Pichu having not only appropriate boots and wrist guards equipped, but also his anime style hair. If viewers take a close look, they can even see Cloud's iconic Buster Sword strapped to Pichu's back.

This mod was created by Devory, who says that it started as a "silly idea" that eventually evolved into a full mod. The juxtaposition of the adorable Pichu dressed in Cloud's clothes fighting the incredibly powerful Sephiroth is enough to make a fan chuckle, with him even winning the fight in the video. This mod comes with full character UI elements like a portrait and edited render, which have Pichu sporting Cloud's hair. One of the screenshots even pays homage to Final Fantasy 7's box art, with Pichu standing tall in front of Lumiose City's Prisim Tower, in place of Shinra's iconic building.

The mod was praised for how creative it was, as it is a costume that embraces the crossover aspect of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and pays homage to the original character through all of the small details. This costume is pretty unique, not just being a simple palette swap for Pichu. Mods like these show the amount of work and dedication that fans have for these characters, giving them creative new looks.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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