Survival-city builder Frostpunk 2 has been announced

Survival-city builder Frostpunk 2 has been announced

Good news, Frostpunk fans – there's another one on the way. 11 Bit Studios has just announced Frostpunk 2, a sequel to the 2018 survival-city builder, in which you'll once again play the leader of a demanding and resource-starved metropolis confronting the fallout of an apocalyptic blizzard – though this time it sounds like the challenges will be different, and the scope will be bigger.

"The world turned against us, yet we survived," a voice in the Frostpunk 2 announcement trailer – which you can check out below – says, alongside shots of desolate, frost-stricken machinery and wasteland with slicks of blood and oil in the snow. "We brought heat to our homes; we healed our sick; we fed our children. Some say we broke our promises. Some say we betrayed our brothers. Some say we abandoned God. Yet, it is not us, not them, who brought us this far. And those who make sacrifices today will reap the rewards of tomorrow."

It's just a teaser at this point, with no gameplay to check out, but it's a haunting one, ending with a shot of a man left out in the cold to die, with the word 'liar' painted across him.

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