Survival Game Primitive Has Been Officially Announced

Survival Game Primitive Has Been Officially Announced

Games Box and Ultimate Games S.A. are indie developers and publishers. Ultimate Games S.A., a Polish company, has worked on a ton of games such as Ultimate Hunting and Deadliest Catch. The companies have come together to announce Primite, an upcoming survival game set in the Stone Age. To celebrate the announcement, the team has released a cool trailer showing off the game. Thus far, there is no confirmed release date for the game. Moreover, it will be available on PC via Steam.

In the trailer, viewers get a great first look at different elements of the game. Viewers get a look at the game’s protagonist, some of the wild creatures about as well as exploration using the map and crafting options. Players must use nature to their benefit in the field for survival.

In the game, tens of thousands of years ago, Neanderthals and homo sapiens fought for survival using strength and cunning. To survive, these persons had to improve their hunting, communication and more as the conditions and animals were true threats. Furthermore, players will have the chance to climb up the hierarchy of a group of hunters, communicate, gather resources, craft weapons and create items to help in the journey. The mission is to survive through fighting, sheltering, healing, cooking and much more. Also, the Unreal Engine 5 offers beautiful graphics, models and much more.



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