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Tales of Arise Guide – All Collectibles And Their Locations

Tales of Arise - Rinwell

Like many role-playing games, Tales of Arise has quite a number of collectibles to locate in its various realms. There are Owls, Astral Flowers, Fish, Recipes and Artifacts to find along with Gigants to slay. We’ll go over what each does along with how many there are. But keep in mind that much of this is optional. Aside from 100 percent completion and earning all of the Trophies and Achievements, you don’t need to get all of them.

Let’s start by looking at each collectible type.

  • Owls – Owls are, as the name indicates, owls. You won’t miss any of them and after defeating the first Lord, Rinwell’s friend Hootle unlocks an ability that informs you when an Owl is nearby. Usually the Owl will be fairly close so they’re hard to miss. Collected Owls are indicated by a white icon on the world map. A nice way to keep track of those collected is to go to the Owl Forest (which opens up after accessing Nevia Snowplains). You’ll find Owls seated in different colored trees, which corresponds to the realms they’ve been found in. If a perch is denoted as “full”, then this means you’ve found all of the Owls in that region. There are 38 Owls to collect in total but you need to collect 32, and then visit the Owl King in the Owl Forest to unlock and find the remaining six. Every Owl you collect will provide a new outfit piece for your characters to wear.
  • Gigants – Elite Monsters are referred to as Gigants. There are 20 in total and these are essentially bosses roaming in each realm which are tougher than regular monsters. It’s worth noting that many Gigants aren’t available when first visiting an area. You need to return and then seek them out (with some also being tied to sub-quests). To find the free roaming ones on the map, simply open it and look for a red icon. Defeating a Gigant provides an Astral Flower which adds +10 CP to your current total so they’ll provide a fairly sufficient boost to your healing capacity and spell casting.
  • Artifacts – Artifacts are quite interesting since they essentially enable different effects that can help make the game easier. Others can add things like Chaos difficulty, and the ability to deal and receive double damage. There are 23 Artifacts in total and they can be found in chests, as rewards for finding Owls and from sub-quests.
  • Recipes – Recipes are used to unlock different meals which are cooked at campsites to give different buffs. These can include increased EXP earned, a higher drop rate for Ores and so on. You’ll get five recipes normally in the story but others must be found in each realm. There are 38 Recipes in total which can be located in chests and as sub-quest rewards. Certain Recipes only become available when revisiting certain locations.
  • Astral Flowers – As noted above, Astral Flowers grant +10 CP to your overall total. In total, there are 31 Astral Flowers to find and while there are 20 to collect from slaying Gigants, you’ll find another 10 from completing sub-quests and other activities.
  • Fish – Throughout the game, you’ll find 12 fishing locations which are key to catching 44 different types of fish. While all fish can be caught with any rod and lure, certain lures will guarantee that a certain fish is caught. “Boss” fish are also encountered and can be tougher to catch due to having two stamina bars so keep that in mind.

Check out the videos below by PowerPyx for more details on locations for each collectible. For more tips and tricks when playing Tales of Arise, head here. You can also read our official review here.

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