Tekken 8’s Colorblind Filter Raises Accessibility Concerns

Despite Good Intentions, Accessibility Feature in Tekken 8 Causes Distress for Some Players

The unveiling of a colorblind filter in Tekken 8, designed to enhance accessibility for players with color vision deficiencies, has inadvertently sparked a backlash among some members of the disabled community. While colorblind filters are traditionally implemented to aid in distinguishing on-screen elements for individuals with color vision impairments, Tekken 8’s approach appears to be causing unintended negative effects, such as nausea and migraines.

X user SJS | Gatterall brought attention to the issue by sharing a 38-second clip of a match played with the colorblind filter activated. The stylized background resembled an uncolored comic panel, with distinct vertical and horizontal black lines defining the fighters. Despite the intended accessibility enhancement, the video garnered over 9 million views, with numerous individuals expressing concerns about its impact.

Game Accessibility Lead at EA, Morgan Baker, took to Twitter to caution against sharing the video, as the colorblind filter induced an aura migraine for them. The sentiment was echoed by accessibility consultant and advocate Ian Hamilton, emphasizing the potential harm caused by such filters, particularly for individuals with conditions like achromatopsia.

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X users shared their personal experiences, with reports of migraines, vertigo, and pain associated with viewing the filtered content. Tarja Porkka-Kontturi, an accessibility and DEI consultant, described the striped filter as inducing instant vertigo, emphasizing its hazardous nature.

In response to the growing concerns, Tekken series Game Director Katsuhiro Harada defended the inclusion of varying colorblind filters in an extensive X post. Harada acknowledged the positive feedback received for the accessibility settings and clarified that they were not intended to cover all players’ color vision. However, the unintended consequences of the colorblind filter have underscored the importance of continuous dialogue between developers and the gaming community to refine accessibility features and ensure they genuinely cater to diverse player needs without causing unintended distress.


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