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Tera Incognita

En Masse Entertainment, the studio that publishes MMO Tera in North America and Europe, is to close down. It's not yet clear who will take over publishing duties for Tera or anime RPG Closers in those territories after the closure.

What will happen to Tera after En Masse closes?

The news comes via the official Tera Facebook page. In a post on the page, En Masse says the team will "begin the process of discontinuing" the company immediately. The focus in the coming weeks and months will be on helping the staff to find new employment opportunities and to ensure a "seamless transition" for players of Tera and anime action RPG Closers. En Masse also says that support for those two games "will continue" after the studio has closed.

Closers, published by Tera publisher En Masse Entertainment
Support for both Tera and Closers will continue after En Masse Entertainment shuts down.

It's not yet clear what exactly will happen to Tera and Closers in terms of Western publishing. Developer Bluehole's umbrella company Krafton could be moving the game over to a different publishing arm or another studio could be buying publishing rights for the two games. Closers could well be published by Bandai Namco, who have helped to bring it to the West, or publishing duties could go to South Korean publisher Nexon for the West as well.

Is this the end of an era for Tera?

It seems like En Masse and Bluehole want to make the transition between publishers as smooth as possible. The studio also says there will be "news in the coming weeks" as to what will happen to both Tera and Closers, so keep a close eye out for more info about those. If you're a games industry pro and you're looking for staff, En Masse also provides an email address to get in touch with them about potential hires. All in all, it's unlikely to change much in terms of how Tera and Closers operate in the short term, but watch this space for more news.

How do you feel about En Masse Entertainment closing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tera Publisher En Masse Entertainment Is Closing Down

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