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The Queen Bee is an optional boss in Terraria, but one that is very useful to defeat. Her weapon drops are excellent for defeating the Wall of Flesh and the Hornet mount is one of the best you can get pre-Hardmode.

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Just because the Queen Bee is optional doesn't mean she's an easy boss to defeat. Cramped into a tight Beehive deep in the Jungle absolutely covered in bees is a difficult fight unless you're prepared with strong armor and weapons. Here's everything you need to know about defeating the Queen Bee.

How To Summon The Queen Bee

There are two ways to summon the Queen Bee:

  • You'll find Larva inside Bee Hives, large, naturally spawning areas inside the Underground Jungle biome. It's impossible to miss them (they're made of honeycomb.)
  • Once you've seen off the Queen Bee once, you can use some of the materials you've collected to craft her spawning item: the Abeemination.
  • The Abeemination is crafted with Honey Block, Stinger, Hive, and Bottled Honey.

Farming the Queen Bee is recommended. She has lots of useful drops, particularly the Honeyed Goggles as of 1.4, which allows you to spawn a rideable Hornet. Likewise, you'll want plenty of Beenades for the Wall of Flesh fight, and the Bee Gun is good, as well.

If you're going for a Summoner build (we have a comprehensive guide right here, by the way) then farming the Queen Bee for a full set of Bee Armor is also recommended. It's the only pre-Hardmode Summoner armor set.

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Best Weapons For The Queen Bee Fight

You'll want to be prepared with some good weapons for the Queen Bee fight as it's not an easy one. Here are some of the best weapons for each class.

  • Melee – Swords are good for killing the swarms of bees that the Queen Bee sends at you. We recommend the Blade of Grass, even though you won't poison the Queen. As of Terraria 1.4, Flails are also great in this fight, especially something like the Sunfury. The piercing damage lets you hit the Queen through all her smaller bees.
  • Ranged – Even though the hive is a small area to fight in, Ranged weapons are useful to hit the Bee in her hovering form. A Demon Bow or Molten Fury is plenty of firepower for taking down the bee. You could use the Musket, but its slow fire rate makes it harder to kill the Queen quickly.
  • Magic – It has to be the Space Gun, paired with Meteor Armor. That consistent fire rate makes it one of the most powerful weapons pre-Hardmode and will make short work of the Queen and all the bees she spawns. If you've been brave enough to head into the Underworld, the Demon Scythe is an incredibly powerful weapon for the fight.

Best Armor For The Queen Bee Fight

The Queen Bee does a lot of damage, and the bees she spawns will push you around all over the place. You should have at least 250 HP, more if possible. Here are some of the best armor sets to wear for the fight.

  • Gold or Platinum Armor, at least. That's the absolute minimum of what you should have before you try to beat the Queen Bee.
  • Both Crimson Armor and Shadow Armor are recommended. Crimson gives you a hefty defense boost and the Shadow armor complements a melee build.
  • If you're reaching the very end of pre-Hardmode, then Molten Armor is the best armor set possible at this part of the game. It will be very useful in farming the Queen Bee.

Fight Strategy And Other Preparations

The Queen Bee is a tricky fight. Here are some general tips on the sort of extra preparations you should make for the fight, how to set up a boss fight arena in the jungle, and some of the best accessories for the fight.

  • The Queen Bee will spawn immediately when you break the Larva inside the hive, but you can always draw her out into a larger area. Platforms are recommended, as well as some campfires. Remember, walking in the honey will give you a health regen buff, but it will also slow you down.
  • Health potions will be essential, especially because of all the poison that will be inflicted on you during the fight. Mana potions are useful for Mages, although if you're using the Space Gun your mana should be fine.
  • Extra useful accessories include the Cobalt Shield to stop the bees knocking you all over the place, and a Grappling Hook is useful for latching on to the side of the hive to avoid bees, honey, or the queen as she moves back and forwards.

You can check out our build guides for the various stages of the game to give you a better idea of what to prepare for the fight:

The Queen Bee should be farmed. She has the most drops of any other boss in the game than Plantera. Even if you're not a completionist, farming the Queen Bee for various items (like Bottled Honey, Nectar, Honey Comb, and the full set of Bee armor) will be useful as you transition into Hardmode. Plus, she drops plenty of Gold.

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