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Aside from exploring, capturing Shiny Pokémon serves as one of the highlights of any Trainer’s experience. After all, with over 890 Pokémon to collect, Trainers get positively giddy whenever they “crack” the jackpot of getting a Shiny. And thanks to Nintendo’s recent Pokémon Sword and Shield, Trainers can fulfill their capturing desires in the new Pokémon game’s Galar region.

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However, Trainers who don’t focus on capturing Shinies on the get-go only have a slim 1 in 4,096 chance of getting one. Thankfully, items like the Shiny Charm can increase the odds. Interestingly, several other factors come into play in determining the difficulty of getting a Shiny. For instance, the type of Pokémon may actually determine the difficulty of getting its Shiny variant. As such, just which Shiny Pokémon are worth the effort in Sword and Shield?

10 #263 – Zigzagoon


Players first encounter Zigzagoon and eventually its evolved form,#264 Linoone, in Generation III games. Moreover, Zigzagoon sports an innocent look that makes it one of the cutest out there. Their regular Shiny variants give them orange fur instead of brown, which remains quite ordinary for Shiny standards.

It’s Galarian Zigzagoon that makes its Shiny worth the while. After all, the Galarian Zigzagoon in Generation VIII sports red eyes, a mischievous look, and black-and-white fur that fit its Dark/Normal classification. Linoone and newcomer #862 Obstagoon sport the same impish look, enhanced with their red-and-white Shiny form.

9 #878 – Cufant


Of all new Pokémon in Generation VIII, #878 Cufant and #879 Cooperajah sport quite a cute and unique elephant-like appearance. Their Steel classification remains obvious with their metallic details and appendages. Cufant sports a light orange look with dark teal accents, while Cooperajah has an imposing dark teal main color with golden accents.

However, despite the simplicity of their Shiny variants’ visuals, they do exude a more regal look. Instead of orange, Shiny Cufant has brighter yellow skin with greener accents. Meanwhile, Cooperajah sports a moss-like green skin with golden accents, as though there’s hidden treasure beneath its appearance.

8 #837 – Rolycoly


There aren’t any Rock-type or Rock-looking Pokémon in the entire series, which makes #837 Rolycoly a welcome change of pace. Moreover, its evolutions #838 Carkol and #839 Coalossal all share the Golem motif. Thanks to their coal make-up, they all share dark gray rocks as bodies with burning charcoal as details. Rolycoly grows eyes and a mouth once it turns into Carkol. Lastly, Coalossal grows a massive body out of rock with charcoal forming its top portion.

The Rolycoly evolutionary tree looks awesome as it is, but its Shiny variant adds a glimmer of sophistication. At first glance, Shiny Rolycoly sports blue rocks instead of dark gray, as though it’s made of a hard mineral. Others might think this change is a bit too generic for a Shiny. However, Shiny Rolycoly becomes more pristine when laid side-by-side with a typical Rolycoly.

7 #821 – Rookidee


Unlike other Flying Pokémon, Rookidee seems like an unimposing tiny Pokémon that evolves into sheer badass with #822 Corvisquire and #823 Corviknight. Their evolutionary tree remains consistent with the red eyes and the navy blue feathers, as well as black-and-yellow accents. However, Corviknight transforms most of its feathers into metal alongside menacing red eyes that fit its Flying/Steel classification.

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According to Lore, Corviknight becomes the “best” Pokémon living in Galar’s skies. And this dominance reflects even in Rookidee’s Shiny variants, of which the navy blue becomes a deathly brown. Trainers won’t notice this immediately, as Rookidee has shiny yellow feathers at first. However, Corviknight becomes a harbinger of darkness as it grows to have a crow-like appearance.

6 #810 – Grookey


Starter Grookey and its evolutionary members, #811 Thwackey and #812 Rillaboom, all sport the Grass-Monkey hybrid look that fits its Grass classification. As with other Starters, mid-evolution Thwackey has a fiercer look. Lastly, final form Rillaboom sports an awesome mane of grass and a mean expression.

However, their Shiny versions definitely spice up their look. Instead of focusing on heavy greens, the Shiny Grookey family focuses on a mix of vibrant yellow grass-hair and reddish-brown skin. As such, they get a Shiny that nails that exotic look but doesn’t stray too far from the Grookey’s key visual traits.

5 #827 – Nickit


Nickit and its evolution #828 Thievul both sport that foxy look, reflecting their classification as Dark-type Fox Pokémon. Unlike other newer Pokémon, their designs remain uncomplicated and faithful to traditional foxes. They have reddish-orange fur with dark brown accents and white brows and highlights. Moreover, they have recognizable yellow eyes that emphasize their coy appearance.

However, it’s their Shiny variants that enhance their noir theme. Shiny Nickit sports a warm grayish coat with navy blue accents, completed with beige highlights that just exude style. The look perfectly matches their yellow eyes and natural coy grin. If the Hope Diamond got stolen and no one has seen the culprit, it’s this Shiny Nickit.

4 #848 – Toxel


Players who want a Pokémon with a “meh” attitude will enjoy the punky appearance of #848 Toxel and #849 Toxtricity. This lizard-like Electric/Poison Pokémon emits both poison and electricity that can induce paralysis to opponents, as reflected with Toxel’s small spark on its forehead. Toxtricity amps up the thrill with lightning spikes on its forehead and back, said to produce humming like a bass guitar.

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This look, coupled with a dull bluish-purple color scheme, solemn eyes, and general “whatever” expression makes Toxel a great Pokémon for Trainers who just don’t give a hoot. Interestingly, a Toxel with an “amped up” nature gets a yellowish undertone and lightning sparks instead, denoting energy.

However, players who want a change of pace can count on Shiny Toxel to transform this image. Instead of its original dull hue, it gets a vibrant pinkish look. Perhaps more interesting is its amped-up Shiny variant, as Shiny Toxtricity gets bright yellow electric spikes that just screams rock ‘n’ roll.

3 #813 – Scorbunny


Scorbunny definitely nails the list as one of the cutest starter Pokémon ever to grace the series. This rabbit Pokémon sports a diminutive and cutesy appearance. However, it also has sleek evolutions with #814 Raboot and #815 Cinderace. Both forms remain consistent with Scorbunny’s “athletic” motif, as Raboot gets a sweater-like mane and Cinderace looks like a marathon runner.

However, its Shiny variant definitely turns up the heat, with a white-yellow-orange theme. Scorbunny focuses on an innocent white candle-like appearance that grows in intensity as it evolves.

2 #083 – Farfetch’d


Fans know #083 Farfetch’d as “that duck with the vegetable.” However, while its normal form consists of a happy look with its brown feathers, Galarian Farfetch’d has darker feathers and a more imposing appearance. Moreover, Farfetch’d gets sword-and-shield vegetables as it evolves into #865 Sirfetch’d, this time with white feathers and the same stern look. Given its weapons, it makes sense for Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d to be classified as Fighting Pokémon.

Funnily enough, Sirfetch’d has a Shiny variant that gives it a kinship with #054 Psyduck, as they share yellowish feathers. Players who want a goofy-looking character that has the same prestige as a Shiny should go for a Shiny Farfetch’d.

1 #889 Zamazenta


#889 Zamazenta serves as one of the best-looking Legendaries introduced in the franchise. As a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon, Zamazenta sports a Crowned Shield. It also has a red-blue-yellow color scheme that gives it a heroic appearance.

However, what’s more awesome is its Shiny variant. Shiny Zamazenta forms a more obvious split from the sword-wielding #888 Zacian, who originally has a similar red-blue-yellow color set. Unlike its base appearance, Shiny Zamazenta sports red armor and red fur, with golden accents for its shield and armor. This is a direct split from Shiny Zacian, which now wears a blue fur with golden accents for its sword and armor.

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