The best Akimbo pistols in Warzone

The best Akimbo pistols in Warzone

Looking for a breakdown of the best Warzone pistols to use with Akimbo? When Warzone first launched pistols were at the very bottom of the list of best Warzone guns to include in your Warzone loadouts. However, the addition of the Akimbo perk has transformed these middling sidearms into unstoppable close-quarters killers. The obvious con is that you can't aim down sights with dual pistols, but their hip-fire accuracy and time-to-kill is so good that you won't need to.

Right now there are several highly viable Akimbo pistol builds for Warzone. The reason these are so powerful is that you only need to get one loadout drop to have a class with Ghost, a long-range primary weapon of your choice, and the pistols can act as your best close-quarters option. If you're going for a loadout without Overkill then these are the ideal secondary weapons. You can always grab a fully modded Warzone MP5 off an enemy after you eliminate them if you want something with a bit more range.

Below we'll lay out our picks for the top seven Akimbo pistol builds for Warzone. If you only jumped into Warzone recently then you'll have quite a hefty grind waiting for you to full level these sidearms up.

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