The best Bullfrog Warzone loadout

The best Bullfrog Warzone loadout

Looking for the best Bullfrog loadout in Warzone? The Warzone Season 5 meta is constantly evolving, and the Bullfrog is emerging as one of the best Warzone SMGs. When paired with the right attachments, this weapon can hold almost as many bullets as an LMG while maintaining the same accuracy and mobility you would expect from a fully automatic SMG.

The best Mac-10 loadout was such a staple of the battle royale game for so long that barely anyone thought to give this Call of Duty Cold War gun a try. Not only does the Bullfrog dominate at close range, it does an impressive job at medium distances thanks to its impressive damage range.

Now that the community has tried out the Bullfrog, it’s easy to see why everyone is picking this weapon. The fact that this weapon is a close rival to the Kilo 141 assault rifle says so much about the DPS of this SMG. Though the Bullfrog lacks the same damage of some of the other SMGs, its impressive mobility, huge magazines, and high bullet velocity more than makes up for it.

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