The best Genshin Impact Fischl build

The best Genshin Impact Fischl build

Looking for the best Genshin Impact Fischl build? Fischl is a mysterious adventurer who travels alongside her night raven named Oz – the pair have worked hard to become one of the Adventurers’ Guild’s top investigators. As a bow-user and Electro character, Fischl is one of the most versatile characters in the game, earning her a high spot on our Genshin Impact tier list.

Electro is arguably the best element in the game for causing Genshin Impact elemental reactions, and Fischl can activate these reactions without even being on the field. Fischl can summon Oz in the middle of combat to deal Electro damage for her. Once set up correctly, Oz can remain active on the field for long periods of time, leading to plenty of elemental reactions. This is extremely powerful in Genshin Impact 1.6 which buffed the Swirl elemental reaction, causing even more damage to nearby enemies.

Fischl’s versatility means she can play in a damage dealing DPS role, or in a support role to set up as many elemental reactions as possible. Given the amount of quality DPS characters in the game, we’ve gone for a support build as Fischl can take powerful characters to new heights. Here’s everything you need to know about how to create the best Genshin Impact Fischl build.

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