The best HP gaming laptop deals

The best HP gaming laptop deals

You might know HP for its printers, monitors, or tablets, but it's known for its notebooks above all else. Over the past decade, the brand has made a big push into the gaming laptop space, going up against big hitters from Acer, Razer, and MSI, and the best part is you don't even need to pay full price to get the good stuff – you just need to find the right deals.

The Omen line leads the charge if you want the HP's most powerful laptops, often boasting better graphics cards, higher refresh rates, and more memory. While the HP Pavilion line usually caters to offices and home laptops, there are gaming-focused options that pack outstanding value for entry-level devices, trimming the features back for a slimmer price point.

Built for work and play, both series of laptops have shifted from the distinct gaming designs of their predecessors for a more understated look that's inconspicuous in the streets and powerful in the sheets – seriously though, it goes without saying that you shouldn't block the vents with fabric…

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