The best Prime Day monitor deal is the Samsung Odyssey G7 at 22% off

There are a ton of great Prime Day monitor deals available this year, but the absolute highlight has to be Samsung’s Odyssey G7 monitor, which has been discounted from £550 to £429 – the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. That’s incredible for a 27-inch 2560×1440 QLED monitor that has a 240Hz refresh rate, G-Sync compatibility and a DisplayHDR 600 certification.

This combination makes for a great screen for gaming or watching HDR video, as you get bright highlights, extremely deep blacks and therefore superior contrast – perfect for dark scenes in movies or games. The 240Hz refresh rate is ideal for anything fast-paced and competitive, such as first person shooters, while the 1440p resolution is ideal for the 27-inch screen size. It’s incredibly rare to see these specs for anywhere below £500, so £429 is outstanding.

Note that you can actually get the monitor by paying only £422, a further £7 savings. To do this, top up your Amazon account by £50 after opting into the top-up deal, and you’ll see that your account has £57. Use this money and your normal payment method to pay for the monitor, reducing the price by £7 overall. If you don’t have Prime, you can get a 30-day free trial.

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